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Photo courtes of Kia Momtazi

Well, actually… the article hit the street last week, but it was really great!  Best of all, it’s still available on line at the San Diego City Beat web site, so click on over!

Inside you’ll find all kinds of information about my photography, my house, my CD collection, and all the odd little things that go on inside my mind when I create my photos.  You’ll also see a REALLY BIG copy of the picture on this page, which was taken at the swap meet as I was flipping through crates of LPs.

Does my forehead look big?

The article also does a very nice job of analyzing one of my very best photos, Audrey longs for a career in front of the camera, but does not heed stern warnings from her celestial advisors, in a way that captures, exactly, what I was intending to convey in the piece.

Thanks a whole bunch to City Beat’s Kia Momtazi who did an excellent job writing the piece in a manner that is every bit as fun and interesting as my photos hope to be.  Kudos, Kia!

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Final frame at the Cuius Deo Optimo Open made the cover of the April 11 issue of San Diego City Beat magazine!  It was pretty exciting to drive to a local coffee shop this morning and see one of my photos staring back from inside the vending machine.  I resisted the temptation to dump the entire stack into the trunk of my car, and took a conservative four copies.

Inside the free weekly mag is an article about the Art of Photography Show, that opens its six week run at the Lyceum Theater Gallery this Saturday night.  I was interviewed for the piece last week by Kinslee Morlan, who ended up using portions of our chat throughout the article, which nicely captures what I try to get across through my whimsical and slightly irreverent photos.

Get yours now before they’re (cough, cough) either selling on eBay or lining the bottom of your neighbor’s bird cage.

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