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Frank and Betty get pinned without a care in the world

Behold!  Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares hereby reveals the third of five prophecies from the Plastic Prophet.  In your desire for Unity, I predict you will want to bebop with your sweetheart at the local burger joint, add some rhythm and soul to your life, mourn love lost, plot your revenge, and start the search all over again. You shall click your way over to Etsy and find the answers to these mysteries and add them to your cart with the knowledge that you have fulfilled your destiny.  You shall also return at the beginning of each month through August to discover what new Prophecy I will reveal.  Thus sayeth the Plastic Prophet.

(Fresh from a messy divorce) Kitty plots an ensemble for her next midnight prowl

The Allegory of Sanctimonious Regret

The Allegory of Sanctimonious Revenge

Leroy and his Singing Flamingos are invited to a rose garden soirée

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