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So… what does one do when he or she opens the latest Juxtapoz and finds their cheesy face smiling back from within one of those photo montages that’s meant to illicit pining sighs of oh-I-wish-I-was-there-with-all-those-cool-people from the magazine’s vast readership??

Well, in my case, I run to my camera and photograph my moment of glory.  Then I run to my computer and create a blog entry to shamelessly announce to the world, “Hey! Look! I’m in Juxtapoz rubbing shoulders with all those cool people who are out doing arty things.”

So, yeah, my photo is in Juxtapoz in a shot taken at the Long Gone John exhibit a couple of months back. I’m standing next to Annie Adjchavanich of Billy Shire Fine Arts, and described as “…collector John Purlia” — spelled right and everything.

Such cheese. Such pompous look-at-me self-promotion. Shameless….

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Left to right: Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Gary Baseman, Long Gone John, Todd Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup

This past weekend I attended the opening reception for The Treasures of Long Gone John exhibit at the Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. A mere sliver of John’s art collection is on display in a jam packed gallery space, which also includes a nice sampling of the objets de desir he has come to collect through the years. Quite a few artists were in attendance, as you can see above standing in front of the massive 6’ x 8’ masterpiece by Todd Schorr.

Also on display was the first public viewing of Pictures of the Gone World, the 20 minute short I’m executive producing that will be included on the DVD release of The Treasures of Long Gone John. The film was running on a loop within the gallery as an installation and gives a sweeping, fly-through view of the collections throughout John’s house. Very, very cool, and it was exciting to get my first glimpse at the fresh footage.

I snapped pictures here and there, so who am I not to share?

A portion of the front window containing various dolls, anime characters and several “Sympathy” paintings. The one at the top, in the back, is the Rob Clayton painting that appears on the Sympathy For The Record Industry home page.

A row of S-Y-M-P-A-T-H-Y Keane dolls from the front window.

 The giant Jeep statue that usually lives in John’s living room. On the wall are paintings by Camille Rose Garcia, a Ghost World drawing from Daniel Clowes, and a nice little sketch from Nara, which was quite cool.

“Snow White” by Mark Ryden consumed most of the back wall, with a glass cabinet filled with vintage dolls just below.  There were also bronze castings of the various figures produced by Necessaries Toy Foundation appearing here and there throughout the room. Four Camille Rose Garcia figures stand atop the glass cabinet. On the walls you see paintings from Donald Roller Wilson, Shag, the Clayton Brothers, Lori Early, and the corner of a pretty darn big Robert Williams piece.

This small wall features more amazing art work. At the top is a wonderful piece from Marion Peck, with another Peck painting on the right side of the shot. The bottom left features a stunning Sas Christian piece, and tucked away in the lower right hand corner is an Andy Warhol. If you get a chance to see the Treasures documentary you’ll discover that the Warhol normally hangs in John’s “cat bathroom.” If you’re going to have pets, they should be cultured too!

Every owner of an independent record label should have a trio of psychedelic composers, wouldn’t you agree?

A peek into the glass cabinet of dolls….

One last picture of the Todd Schorr piece, this time with an admirer (Inger Lorre, by the way) in the foreground.

The exhibit will be running through March 18th, so I encourage everyone to attend!

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