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John’s interview with Beth Accomando of San Diego’s KPBS is now posted online, so you can watch the entire segment that aired on Evening Edition and read the full transcript in case you missed it. Beth and videographer Katie Euphrat did a really wonderful job condensing all the hours they spent at John’s house and studio examining and discussing his work into a super-fun 4 minutes of visual and aural delight. We’ve received incredibly kind and supportive feedback so far in response to the segment that aired on tv, and to the slightly revised piece they played on KPBS radio (which you can also check out at the link above). But we’d really love to hear from you. Yes, YOU. Sitting there with all of your artsy opinions you just know you want to share with us. You can connect with John through Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment below. And if you really enjoy John’s creations, definitely check out what we offer in the Etsy shop. Thanks to all of those we’ve heard from so far. You guys are the bees’ knees.

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I normally start my “work” day in my home office, enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to music while responding to email, browsing a few websites, and checking in on Facebook and Twitter. After that, it’s project time out in the studio where I play with toys and take photos.

Carmen conjures a song of swashbuckling revenge while drying out in Acapulco, 2005

Yesterday started out just like any other time, though my electronic mailbox seemed unusually filled. Surprising, having recently unsubscribed myself from a boatload of daily junk mail. As I scrolled through the list I saw lots of familiar names, and for a moment thought I was having one of those the-final-is-today-and-I-haven’t-been-to-class dreams. Though, in this case it was the post-employment work version of that dream: my-presentation-is-today-and-I-haven’t-prepared-any-slides-and-what-the-hell-is-the-subject-again?

I had this feeling because my mailbox was jam packed with messages from former coworkers, all smart and cultured people who had been listening to the local NPR affiliate on their drives into work and heard me talking about my photography when the radio news program turned an ear to the local San Diego arts scene. Pretty cool!

The radio segment was a companion piece to the feature that ran on the TV side of KPBS a couple of weeks back, though obviously without the visuals, and with some key changes from correspondent Beth Accomando to better fit the audio-only format. So, while you don’t get to see me pop the head off a kewpie doll, you do get to hear me wax poetic on toys, record, books and the ever-popular “how I come up with my ideas.” Oooo! Ahhh!

The piece runs about 5 minutes long, and I especially like the super fun music used in the background throughout the piece!

So, just in case you missed the piece when it aired, click on the little audio widget above and pretend you’re driving into work listening to smart, intelligent public radio. And don’t spill your coffee.

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Sonya and Gail peruse the Special Collections wing of the Devil's Printshop (Detail)

A few weeks ago, John was interviewed by Beth Accomando of San Diego’s KPBS for an arts segment of Evening Edition. (Exciting!!!) They discussed John’s art, his vast vintage vinyl and toy collections, religion, and the fun titles he gives to his photos. They also talked about his recently published digital coffee table book for the iPad, Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption and the special packaging planned for the Deluxe Edition of the book scheduled to be released later this month (more on that soon). John also showed Beth and her crew around his backyard studio, so you’ll get a chance to see where all the action happens. The segment is scheduled to hit the local airwaves this Friday, October 14th, during the 6:30 (PST) broadcast of Evening Edition.

The details…

What:  Evening Edition — featuring Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares photography!
Where:  KPBS Television — check your local listings for channel
When:  Friday, October 14, 6:30 PM (PST)

Tune in for a behind-the-scenes peek at how John creates his delightful photography!

And, if you’re not in the San Diego area or somehow miss the broadcast, we’ll provide an after-the-fact links to watch the segment on-line.

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Financial Freewheeling and the futile pursuit of the American Dream

Head over to the San Diego Union-Tribune’s blog, Sign On San Diego, and check out John’s interview with arts writer and photographer, Will Parson.  He asks some great, perceptive questions that really made John think about his photography in new ways.  Thanks, Will, for giving John the opportunity to share his thoughts and work.

In other news, through the month of November, with every purchase of a limited edition print, you’ll receive our special collector set of postcards for FREE!  It’s pretty rare these days to receive anything special through the mail, so beat the holiday rush and order yours today.

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Pulling a miracle ending out of the Plastic Playbook

Prepare to be amazed!  Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares hereby reveals the fourth of five prophecies from the Plastic Prophet.  In your desire to indulge, I predict you will start the day off right, sing at your local beer hall, dance in the spirit of civil disobedience, and paint the town red. You shall click your way over to Etsy and find the means for such indulgences and add them to your cart with the knowledge that you have fulfilled your destiny.  You shall also return again next month to discover the last Prophecy that I will reveal.  Thus sayeth the Plastic Prophet.  P.S. Check out John’s interview with Andrew Hosner of Sour Harvest blog.  He discusses his awesome art collection and one of his favorite new artists everyone should know about.

Last Call at the Vinyl Alibi Jazz Club

After dinner entertainment at Chateau Von Plastique

Mother puts a little something “extra” in the morning oatmeal to get her family off to a fantastic day 

Dancing the Temperance Two-step on the 18th Amendment

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