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I’ve always been fascinated with videos that capture an artist’s process, whether Hans Namuth’s great footage of Jackson Pollock slopping paint outside his country farmhouse, or Todd Schorr meticulously applying oil to canvas in The Treasures Of Long Gone John. Over the past couple of years I’ve created several stop motion or time lapse videos based on my photos, but I’ve always started with the finished image, working my way backwards, then reversing all the frames to create the illusion of a piece of art being created. For this brand new effort I attempted to capture the process I use in shooting my photos. When working on a new piece I go through a lot of trial and error as I build the stage and compose a narrative story. Figures move around, ideas come and go, I build the basic stage and then make very small adjustments to make sure every object is exactly where it needs to be. The subject for this experiment was a new photo, Hope, Charity and Jade summon forth a capricious blue world, which I began in late November and completed during the second week in December. I placed my trusty Canon SD1000 in the corner of my studio with the lens trained on the inside of the light tent where I build my constructions. Each time I entered the studio to continue work on the photo I’d flip on the camera and capture one frame every 2 seconds. The result of my little experiment was 7 or 8 days of actual work squeezed down into 6 or 7 minutes of fast pasted video footage. And, an over-the-shoulder view into my creative process, from an initially messy “palette” of characters, to a finished construction that became the source subject for Hope, Charity and Jade summon forth a capricious blue world. Check out the full video above, or venture over to YouTube for higher resolution.

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