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Thought I’d share a quick Halloween photo with everyone as I wait for trick or treaters to line up at my door (a long wait, as my street does not have sidewalks and I have no pumpkin out).

I took this picture of my candy bowl in the front entryway of my house.  In the background is a wonderful painting by Ana Bagayan titled, The Irrationality and Inevitability of Being a Puppet, while in the foreground there stands a headless doll. Now, don’t go thinking that the doll head in the candy bowl is usually on the doll body. Noooooooo…  The doll head usually sits atop the Pinocchio book on the left, ready to greet any visitor to my home.

Tonight, it’s sitting in the bowl, ready to haunt the dreams of any trick or treaters. And if you tilt the bowl just right, offering the bowl to the unsuspecting and impressionable child, the dolls eyes are peacefully closed. Ah! But with the slightest turn of the wrists, her glassy eyes slowly roll open to horrify the tiny tikes, just as their little fingers are about to grab a sweet bit of candy.


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