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We are very excited to announce that one of our most popular prints, Final frame at the Cuius Deo Optimo Open, is now available for purchase through our brand-spanking new store at etsy.com. Never heard of etsy.com? It’s a site that features thousands of cool, creative cats out there who want to share their art with the world. Click on the Store button to your left to see the newly re-designed Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares Store. Besides Final frame, you’ll also get a peek at prints that will be available in the future. Fulfill your resolution to enjoy something beautiful every day and ring in the New Year with some fine art. We just know that you have excellent taste in art, a fine sense of humor, and most importantly of all, enjoy bowling for nuns.

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So, I had a birthday recently… and look at one of my presents…

Yes, Final Frame at the Cuius Deo Optimo Open is now a throw, woven from a billion zillion colored threads!  It arrived in a totally nondescript gray envelope, without a single clue on the outside; only the tempting feel of something squishy inside. When I sliced open the package (oh so carefully, reasoning that something squishy might also be easily damaged) I was shocked to discover my photographic efforts forever captured on the surface of a warm blanket.  Functional art to combat global warming… I love it!

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