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Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption — Deluxe Edition

I’ve posted from time to time about the digital coffee table book of my photograph, Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption, which was released this past summer, exclusively for Apple’s family of iOS devices. Creating the book was tons of fun, and I’ve been very pleased with the reception the book has received from the ebook community.


Being a collector of books (and toys, and records, and art, and CDs, and devils, and, and, and…) I remain completely enamored of objects I can touch and relate to in ways that will never be matched by the bits and bytes trapped within a digital device. What can I say? I like the feel of a book in my hands, and there are great untold mysteries in slipping a sleeve from a big, beautiful album cover and reading the liner notes as black vinyl spins beneath the soft touch of a diamond stylus. Real books feel special. They smell like knowledge.

While I’m very proud of my digital book, and I’ve been quite excited to see how people have enjoyed flipping and zooming through the colorful pages on the iPad, I still wanted to produce a physical object that people could turn in their hands, explore, and connect with in ways that are difficult to mimic in a digital book.

And, so…

Over the past couple of months I’ve been hard at work creating a deluxe edition of Plastic Prophets, and I’m very excited to announce that the package is now available!!

Deluxe Edition box with cover photo printed on glass!

The Deluxe Edition comes packaged in the box you see on the right. Each wooden box is hand painted, signed and numbered, with a cover image that’s been printed on beveled glass and mounted to the lid. Inside are all kinds of collectable treasures you couldn’t possibly replicate in a purely digital release. The highlight is a 32 page full color “mini book” featuring many of the standout images from the digital book—here, reconfigured to be printed and bound in a limited softcover edition.

Hidden away in the box are other printed goodies, including a Plastic Prophets sticker, a Wind-up Dreams web card (randomly selected from a dozen different designs), and a signed, miniature, Certificate of Authentication.

Want a little more?

You’ve got it!

Your new best friend inside the luxurious Deluxe Edition box!

Lift the glass cover and inside the deluxe box you’ll find your very own kewpie doll, just like those you see in my photos! Your kewpie comes direct from Japan, and wears around its neck a miniature flash drive filled with a host of exclusive digital content.

The drive holds two digital versions of Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption. The first is exactly the same as the digital ebook available on Apple’s iBookstore and compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. And just in case you don’t have access to one of those devices, the flash drive includes the full 135 page book as a PDF that can be viewed on any personal computer.

iPad users will find another added bonus on the flash drive: 95 custom wallpaper images pulled from the pages of the book to give your iPad a custom Wind-up Dreams look that will be the envy of all your friends! Kewpies, bathing beauties, robots and presidents. They’re all on the flash drive to brighten your electronic day.

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to the Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares Etsy shop for more information!

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Remember the digital coffee table book, Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption, that we released last Fall? Well hold on to your hats, folks, because beginning next week, we’ll have available in the Etsy shop a Deluxe Edition! Inside of a specially designed and hand-crafted wooden box, you’ll receive an adorable kewpie doll smartly accessorized with a USB drive containing the Plastic Prophets ebook for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and a Plastic Prophets PDF for viewing on personal computers. The box also includes 95 custom wallpaper images to give your iPad screen the Wind-up Dreams look it surely deserves. Not only will all you tech-y folks receive digital versions of the book, but you’ll also be delighted with the old-fashioned, hold-in-your-hands 32 page mini book, which features exclusive full page images not contained in the digital copy. A Plastic Prophets sticker, Wind-up Dreams web card, Certificate of Authenticity are also included.

Because we love the topsy-turviness life can offer here at Wind-up Dreams, we’ve taken the unique route of creating a super special collectible limited edition from a previously digital-only ebook. You can see a sneak peek of how the Deluxe Edition looks above. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog. We’d love to hear what you think!

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Back in the not-so-distant past of February 2009, John had a solo exhibit at Distinction Gallery in Escondido, CA entitled Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption. This well thought-out series of photographs addressed the themes of power, greed, evolution, and desire–you know, your usual Valentine’s Day fare. Besides the super fun videos John created for our fellow art lovers to watch as an accompaniment to the photos, he also printed a monograph so curious lookie loos could take a peek at behind-the-scenes information and learn how he devises his photographs and sets them up. The book proved to be so popular, we wanted to make it available for viewing by everyone, not just those (awesome) folks who were able to attend the exhibit. As we explained in this post from January 2010, printing the book was a bit pricey, so John, in all his engineer-y genius, created an online version.

Fast forward to 2011. A little something called the iPad 2 comes out and along with a billion other people, John becomes enamored with this incredible piece of technology. Hmm…wouldn’t it be great if we went back to the Plastic Prophets book and added more info, photos, and insights we couldn’t include the first time around? So that’s just what we did. After several months of some intense coding on John’s part, and intense editing on my part, we are thrilled to announce that Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption is now available for your delight and pleasure in iTunes. It’s a fascinating read on how an artist brings an image from his mind into reality, and the book is jam-packed with photos so vibrant, you want to lick them. (You have my permission to use that in your book review.) At only $3.99, it’s an incredible bargain. Besides the US, Plastic Prophets is also currently available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. Please head on over to the iTunes store and check it out. We’d love to hear what you think!

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Idol Worship of the Worshipped Idols, 2008

With two weeks remaining before Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption opens at Distinction Gallery, I’ve been busily making final preparations for what I hope to be a spectacular show. Fourteen of the 22 photos that will be on display are now back from the framer and everything looks really great! Above is one of the pieces you’ll see in the show, Idol Worship of the Worshipped Idols, which is framed in a vintage Federal frame that I had restored with a black finish and gold metal leaf. Every photo in this exhibit features the presidents of the United States, from George Washington through JFK, who appears in this piece nestled into a bed of rubies. The frame was an eBay find, and it captures the presidential theme of the exhibit perfectly.

In addition to the art on the walls, I’m going to have a couple of small installations on display, some video animations playing on the gallery’s computer, limited edition flip books, and a one-of-a-kind hard cover book that shows all of the behind-the-scenes work that’s gone into preparing for the exhibit. Here’s a sample spread from the book:

There’s only going to be one copy of the book on hand, so enjoy it — but treat it gently!

Images from the show will be posted in another week or two, so check back often!

(Update: Now available for purchase through iTunes for only $3.99!)

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