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At the bottom of each one of my news items you’ll always see a convenient “Add a comment” link, which… uh… yeah, allows you as the reader of my blog the opportunity to add a comment to whatever I’ve shared. You know, stuff like…

Oh John! Your wondrous photography has made me a better lover!


Nuns as bowling pins?!?! Hula girls shaking their hips at seminary students?!?! Dinosaurs witnessing the birth of a nativity tiki god on a beach in Hawaii??!?! John! You are surely going to Hell!!

Comments are your way to join the community spirit of the web and engage in discussion about the items I post.  Good, bad, indifferent. Thanks, praise, criticism. Post your own insights, ask questions or make fun of my socks.  And if I don’t like what you add… I can always delete it.

My site doesn’t get a tremendous number of comments; just a smattering, really. But I like and appreciate everything that people have in the past contributed, and therein lies the purpose of this particular blog entry…  My precious comments are gone! Vanished!  Disappeared like fleas from a dog on a bonfire! (There’s something you can comments on… and I like dogs!) I’m not sure what happened, exactly, but suffice it to say “I did something” and the technology that commands my site decided that what I did was bad and heinous, and decided to punish me by zapping every one of the comments I’d collected in the year or so that I enabled reader comments.

So, so sad…

Anyway, for the moment, the cruel winds of time have covered the footprints of past comments in this sandy oasis of culture and creativity. The slate has been wiped clean and begs for the creative, thoughtful prose of readers around the world! Express your inner critic. Toss in a comment about my photos, my book, art, music or your favorite toys.  Lots of past posts to choose from throughout my little web world, and all you have to do is… click. Thanks for playing….

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