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Welcoming the World to the Pageant of Plastic Prophecy, 1964

Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares hereby reveals the final of five prophecies from the Plastic Prophet.  In your quest to know how it all comes to a close, I predict you will set off into the wilderness, stock up on canned goods, and eagerly await for the powers that be to make the right decision. You shall click your way over to Etsy and catch a glimpse of what soon will be and add these revelatory works to your cart with the knowledge that you have fulfilled your destiny.  Although this is is the last of prophecies in the Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption series, we have great new pieces in the works, so check back often for updates on the latest happenings.  You can also keep up with us via Twitter, facebook, and our Wind-up Dreams mailing list.  Thus sayeth the Plastic Prophet.

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Doesn’t that show card look great?! What do we have in store for you at John’s first solo exhibit at Distinction Gallery, you ask? Oh, just evolution, alcohol, magic, and a few badly-behaved Presidents. Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption runs February 14 through March 7, with an opening night reception on Saturday, February 14 from 6-11pm. Is there a better way to show that special someone that you’re a class act than with fine art, wine, chocolates, and live music on Valentine’s Day? We think not. And because we know you’ve always wanted to delve into the mind behind these delightful works, click here to read John’s interview with Michael Bushman where he discusses his methods and inspirations.

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