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John’s interview with Beth Accomando of San Diego’s KPBS is now posted online, so you can watch the entire segment that aired on Evening Edition and read the full transcript in case you missed it. Beth and videographer Katie Euphrat did a really wonderful job condensing all the hours they spent at John’s house and studio examining and discussing his work into a super-fun 4 minutes of visual and aural delight. We’ve received incredibly kind and supportive feedback so far in response to the segment that aired on tv, and to the slightly revised piece they played on KPBS radio (which you can also check out at the link above). But we’d really love to hear from you. Yes, YOU. Sitting there with all of your artsy opinions you just know you want to share with us. You can connect with John through Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment below. And if you really enjoy John’s creations, definitely check out what we offer in the Etsy shop. Thanks to all of those we’ve heard from so far. You guys are the bees’ knees.

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Sonya and Gail peruse the Special Collections wing of the Devil's Printshop (Detail)

A few weeks ago, John was interviewed by Beth Accomando of San Diego’s KPBS for an arts segment of Evening Edition. (Exciting!!!) They discussed John’s art, his vast vintage vinyl and toy collections, religion, and the fun titles he gives to his photos. They also talked about his recently published digital coffee table book for the iPad, Plastic Prophets of Vinyl Redemption and the special packaging planned for the Deluxe Edition of the book scheduled to be released later this month (more on that soon). John also showed Beth and her crew around his backyard studio, so you’ll get a chance to see where all the action happens. The segment is scheduled to hit the local airwaves this Friday, October 14th, during the 6:30 (PST) broadcast of Evening Edition.

The details…

What:  Evening Edition — featuring Wind-up Dreams & Vinyl Nightmares photography!
Where:  KPBS Television — check your local listings for channel
When:  Friday, October 14, 6:30 PM (PST)

Tune in for a behind-the-scenes peek at how John creates his delightful photography!

And, if you’re not in the San Diego area or somehow miss the broadcast, we’ll provide an after-the-fact links to watch the segment on-line.

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Photo courtes of Kia Momtazi

Well, actually… the article hit the street last week, but it was really great!  Best of all, it’s still available on line at the San Diego City Beat web site, so click on over!

Inside you’ll find all kinds of information about my photography, my house, my CD collection, and all the odd little things that go on inside my mind when I create my photos.  You’ll also see a REALLY BIG copy of the picture on this page, which was taken at the swap meet as I was flipping through crates of LPs.

Does my forehead look big?

The article also does a very nice job of analyzing one of my very best photos, Audrey longs for a career in front of the camera, but does not heed stern warnings from her celestial advisors, in a way that captures, exactly, what I was intending to convey in the piece.

Thanks a whole bunch to City Beat’s Kia Momtazi who did an excellent job writing the piece in a manner that is every bit as fun and interesting as my photos hope to be.  Kudos, Kia!

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Small joys are underfoot at the San Diego swap meet

Since I don’t have anything especially newsworthy to share (Hey! I have a book coming out! Hey! I have a new exhibit opening! Hey! I’m going to be appearing on Saturday Night Live!) I thought I’d bring folks up to date on some soon-to-be newsworthy items that should become reality over the next few months.

Ray Caesar — Art Collection: Volume One

Coming up in December is Premier Art Collection: Volume One, the first book collection featuring the magnificent art of Ray Caesar. The book is being published by Murphy Design (so you know it will be eye poppingly beautiful), and will include an essay I wrote for the project over the summer. This was a fun project and I was given a pretty loose rope in writing my piece. The result is something that I hope compliments the wonderful speculation and deep emotional connections Ray brings to his work. One part biographical essay, one part psychedelic fiction, one part table setter for a book full of magnificent artwork. Hope you all enjoy it, and do stop by the Murphy website and reserve yourself a copy.

San Diego Citybeat — Feature article

Earlier this month I spent some time with Kia Momtazi, one of the fine arts writers over at San Diego Citybeat, who will be writing a feature article about my photography for an upcoming issue. We met over two Saturdays, first at my place, then the next weekend at the San Diego swap meet where we searched for vinyl LPs and toys (the photo above was snapped on the arena asphalt). All along the way we talked art, photography and all things creative and fun.  The article should hit the news stands sometime in January,so watch for it on the street (and here on my site, of course). Hope I make for an interesting and somewhat humble subject!

Focus Magazine — Focus Gallery

I’ll have a four page spread in the upcoming Collectors issue of Focus Magazine, officially the February 2008 issue, which probably means a street date of sometime in December or January. Focus is rapidly becoming one of the premier periodicals for fine art photography, and I was very honored to have my gallery submission accepted for publication. Four of my very best photos will be reproduced in the magazine, in addition to a brief biography that attempts to explain how it is that my photography is considered fine art (i.e. conceptualization, technique, blah, blah, blah). My work is somewhat of a departure for Focus, which I think is a good thing. I’ve seen a preview of the upcoming issue (which features some great interviews and amazing photography throughout) and am very proud to be included alongside some truly gifted artists. Focus is published out of New York and distributed to galleries and collectors across the country, so this will definitely be the broadest exposure for my photography yet! Keep your fingers crossed that my slightly demented photographs capture the  the eye of an exuberant collector or the imagination of a discerning gallery — of course, with a taste for toys, records and robots!

Focus is printed using the highest quality paper and printing imaginable; definitely worth the cover price! Watch for it on your favorite magazine stand in the next month or so.

That’s it for this short update… more soon, I hope!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Following on the heels of last week’s cover of San Diego City Beat magazine, Final Frame at the Cuius Deo Optimo Open can again be seen on the cover of a local periodical! This week, my little band of bowling pin nuns can be seen peeking out from the banner headline of the April 19th issue of the La Jolla Light. Inside, the Arts & Culture section features a very nice article about me and my various creative pursuits, buoyed by the appearance of my work in the Art of Photography Show. The article is accompanied by a full color image of Cuius Deo Optimo, and paints me as a self-taught La Jolla photographer whose work appears side-by-side with the work of seasoned professionals. Ah, such a proud moment for my mom and dad!

I was interviewed for the article last week by Christine Clark, and I was ecstatic to find the paper waiting on my driveway this morning after backing my car out of the garage. How could I not drive all around town taking embarrassing photos of the paper filling vending machines around town?

If you’re in the La Jolla or University City areas you should be able to find the paper pretty much everywhere… coffee shops, ice cream parlors, grocery stores, pet stores, book stores, movie theaters, dental offices… anywhere fine, free periodicals are given away while people wait and read. Get yours while the getting is hot! Or… if you are tech savvy enough to click on a link, just place your cursor right here and “read all about it!”

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